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Building Bridges – Joining Hands has no boundaries.  Easily integrated into any curriculum or subject area, the initiative is for all grade levels. “Building Bridges” costs nothing. All that is needed is a book (or article) to start the conversation, a computer, and the dedication and passion to help create a world that appreciates differences and celebrates our common humanity.

Access our easy to use 10 step Guide to Building Bridges which contains a wealth of information regarding resources, methods, strategies and more to successfully implement the initiative.

School leaders, administrators–the Building Bridges – Joining Hands PowerPoint Presentation will allow you to easily share the project with faculty to generate interest and participation!!!!

Join Our Community

In order to “Join Us” and become a “Participating School,” it is important that each school head designates a school administrator, staff, or faculty member to serve as the “point of contact” (liaison) responsible for filling out the form below so that the school can join the list of “Participating Partners.”

Note: To help facilitate the pairing of teachers/classrooms, it is important that the school “liaison” record and compile a list of interested teachers along with their contact information, grade level(s) and subject area(s).

School Directory Live
  • School
  • Address
  • Contact Person
  • Review

School Info

Faith Based Schools, please indicate your faith tradition and Non-Faith Based Schools please describe the demographics represented by your student body, such as race, ethnicity, culture, etc. Please be specific.
For example 7:30AM - 6:30PM
Participating Grades
Select all grades at your school that will be participating

What Educators Are Saying

One principal wrote, “…The discussions during the readings of the texts promote healthy and positive discussions among students and how best to cultivate moral decision-making skills…Hopefully, the “Building Bridges” program will expand to incorporate more schools in the endeavor.”

Middle aged black female teacher smiling in school corridor
Portrait of smiling school teacher holding books in classroom

One classroom teacher wrote, “Building Bridges” is a great way to unite people of different diverse backgrounds that will allow them to know one another. Our students look forward to being able to participate in this amazing program!

Be Part of the Change

Support us as we continue to grow and realize our mission

This program is sponsored in part by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation